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Ergonica World of Weeds Gardening and Tools


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World of Weeds: Everything you ever wanted to know about weeds but were afraid to ask. Weed identification photos, EWIRM weed identification database, gardening tips about controlling weeds, science projects ideas, weed poetry, garden tools, weed tools, and much more...

NO WEEDS: See a Big Collection of Unique Tools for Weeds by Ergonica!

Science Projects Tips for All Ages A great collection of science projects ideas and recommendations for students, teachers and parents.  Your child has a science fair project due. You would like to provide some guidance. Chances are you've spent time surfing the internet for useful ideas. Even so, you might wonder if you have the necessary information to best help your child. 
Helpful Books for Science Projects A special selection of books about science fair projects at all education levels, from elementary to high school.  Includes downloadable e-books for last-minute help in completing your science project.
Grava-Space Theory of Cosmology Grava is a theory of cosmology and is presented as an antithesis to string theory.  The purpose of this web is to provide a comfort zone in cyberspace to examine and discuss the stuff that has filled our universe from the beginning of time.
The Civil Gentleman The Civil Gentleman is a concept and path to improve civility between men and women around the world. It provides a way for each man, from youth to adulthood, to examine his role in civilizing his home and intimate relations. A code of ethics for the modern man. 
MTA Tokens Cross-Town Transfer As a kid, I can remember using tokens to ride the MTA in Los Angeles. You could buy a number of MTA tokens for less than the normal fare. This was a good discount and my mother and many students like myself took advantage of the tokens to go downtown. This was in the 1960's when you could take the trolley or buy a cup of coffee for 10 cents.  Today's rates and availability of discounts for the Metropolitan Transit Authority and the Metrolink raise several issues.
Books about peace and gender equality Learn more about the struggles for peace and freedom from oppression by reading books written by several hands-on advocates and leaders in the movement for worldwide peace.  Special selection also includes perspectives by women's rights leaders and other progressive advocates.
E-Commerce Start-Up Info: The Maculator The Maculator is a free Merchant Account Cost Comparison Calculator. Depending on your monthly sales volume, you may be surprised to discover that PayPal may not be the lowest cost alternative for you! In some cases, Moneybookers, iKobo or UBC may be lower. See latest changes in rates and services for PayPal and alternatives.