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Gifts Directory > Apparel & Accessories > Women

This is a directory by category of gift items available on the web including many from 2givenow.org Superstore.  Use this as a gift-selection guide to price items you are interested in buying.  You may find better prices here than at your local shopping mart and even with shipping charges you can save on taxes and the time and gas it takes to drive around town.  Many Amazon.com links are included because Amazon.com offers a wide variety of products at a discount price.  Amazon.com also lists products from a number of established discount distributors on the Web.  Check the selection and prices here before you shop around for comparing quality and prices.  If you're like many on-line shoppers, QVC shoppers and Home Shopping Network (HSN) shoppers, you'll find some great deals on the Web that can't be beat in your local Wal-Mart, Sears or Target stores.  You can also buy and ship directly to your Giving Resources, without ever having to wrap or ship the presents or rev up your car.  Of course, if you like pushing your gas pedal and waiting at the checkout stand, that's OK, too!  Either way, giving gifts should be a good experience for you and the recipients.

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  Need a New SmartPhone? Prepaid?


Females - Women



    Bags & Backpacks Amazon.com Bags & Backpacks
    Billfolds & Wallets Amazon.com Billfolds & Wallets
    Business Accessories & Briefcases Amazon.com Business Accessories & Briefcases
    Electronics Cases Amazon.com Electronics Cases
    Eyewear Amazon.com Eyewear

2GiveNow Superstore Eyewear


2GiveNow Superstore Gloves

    Handbags Amazon.com Handbags

2GiveNow Superstore Purse-Bag

      LuxModa.com - Luxury Designer Brands
      Bisadora Hands-Free Hip Purses

Womensuits.com Designer Purses
    Jewelry & Watches Amazon.com Jewelry & Watches
      2GiveNow Superstore Body Jewelry
      2GiveNow Superstore Bracelets
      2GiveNow Superstore Christian Jewelry


2GiveNow Superstore Cufflinks
      2GiveNow Superstore Diamonds
      2GiveNow Superstore Earrings
      2GiveNow Superstore Emeralds
      2GiveNow Superstore Gold
      2GiveNow Superstore Navel Jewelry
      2GiveNow Superstore Necklaces
      2GiveNow Superstore Pearls
      2GiveNow Superstore Pendants
      2GiveNow Superstore Rings
      2GiveNow Superstore Rubies
      2GiveNow Superstore Silver
      2GiveNow Superstore Stones
      2GiveNow Superstore Silver
      2GiveNow Superstore Wedding Jewelry
      Simply Whispers - Fashion jewelry for sensitive skin
      Claddagh Jewelry from Ireland Wedding and Family Rings, Pendants.
      BestwishesofBoca.com For all your jewelry requirements
    Luggage Amazon.com Luggage
    Money & Key Organizers Amazon.com Money & Key Organizers
    Travel Accessories Amazon.com Travel Accessories
    Sports Caps Amazon.com Sports Caps


Special Occasion Hats Womensuits.com

2GiveNow Superstore Hats



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    Base Layer & Underwear Amazon.com Base Layer & Underwear > More Intimate Apparel

2GiveNow Superstore Underwear

    Outerwear Amazon.com Outerwear > More Outerwear
    Pants Amazon.com Pants > More Pants

2GiveNow Superstore Pants

    Shorts Amazon.com Shorts > More Shorts

2GiveNow Superstore Shorts

    Skirts, Skorts & Dresses Amazon.com Skirts, Skorts & Dresses > More Skirts

2GiveNow Superstore Skirts

    Sports Fan Apparel Amazon.com Sports Fan Apparel

2GiveNow Superstore Sports

    Sweatshirts, Pants & Suits Amazon.com Sweatshirts, Pants & Suits

2GiveNow Superstore Hoodies & Sweatshirts

    Swimwear Amazon.com SwimwearMore Swimwear

2GiveNow Superstore Swimwear

    Tops Amazon.com TopsMore Tops
    Track Suits Amazon.com Track Suits

2GiveNow Superstore Warm Up Jackets & Pants



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    Bridal Amazon.com Bridal

2GiveNow Superstore Bridal

    Bridesmaid Amazon.com Bridesmaid

2GiveNow Superstore Bridesmaid

    Casual Amazon.com Casual
    alight.com fashions for sizes 14W - 28W Get the best selection of Plus Size Dresses at alight.com

2GiveNow Superstore Dresses

    Party & Evening Wear Amazon.com Party & Evening Wear

2GiveNow Superstore Evening Dresses


2GiveNow Superstore Prom Dresses


2GiveNow Superstore Toast Dresses

      Grand Allure Plus Size Boutique
    Professional Amazon.com Professional

2GiveNow Superstore Women's Suits


Womensuits.com. The #1 rated website for women's breathtaking church & special occasion suits and dresses.

Intimate Apparel

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    Bras Amazon.com Bras

2GiveNow Superstore Bras



Bali, Olga, Playtex & Warner's Bras on Sale Now at EssentialApparel.com!

2GiveNow Superstore Bustiers

    Camisoles Amazon.com Camisoles

2GiveNow Superstore Camisoles

    Chemises, Teddies & Negligees Amazon.com Chemises, Teddies & Negligees

2GiveNow Superstore Chemises

    Corsets & Bustiers Amazon.com Corsets & Bustiers

2GiveNow Superstore Corsets


2GiveNow Superstore G-Strings

    Lingerie Sets Amazon.com Lingerie Sets

2GiveNow Superstore Lingerie

    Panties Amazon.com Panties

2GiveNow Superstore Panties



Womens Briefs, Bikini's & Thongs at EssentialApparel.com


Thermal Underwear from Duofold, Morgan, Hot Chillys, Cuddl Duds & More on Sale Now at EssentialApparel.com!
    Slips & Shapewear Amazon.com Slips & Slenderizers

2GiveNow Superstore Slips


2GiveNow Superstore Tights



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2GiveNow Superstore Blazers

    Coats Amazon.com Coats

2GiveNow Superstore Coats


alight.com fashions for sizes 14W - 28W

Get the best selection of Plus Size Outerwear at alight.com
    Down Coats

2GiveNow Superstore Down Coats

    Extreme-Weather Sports Amazon.com Extreme-Weather Sports
    Fleece Amazon.com Fleece

2GiveNow Superstore Fleece

    Fur Faux

2GiveNow Superstore Fur

    Jackets & Parkas Amazon.com Jackets & Parkas

2GiveNow Superstore Jackets & Parkas


2GiveNow Superstore Tennis Jackets


2GiveNow Superstore Warm Up  Jackets

    Lab Coats

2GiveNow Superstore Lab Coats

    Ponchos, Wraps & Capes Amazon.com Ponchos, Wraps & Capes
    Pullovers Amazon.com Pullovers

2GiveNow Superstore Hoodies & Sweatshirts

    Rainwear Amazon.com Rainwear

2GiveNow Superstore Rain Coats


2GiveNow Superstore Sweaters


2GiveNow Superstore Tweed

    Vests Amazon.com Vests

2GiveNow Superstore Vests



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    Boot Cut & Flare Amazon.com Jeans Boot Cut & Flare

2GiveNow Superstore Boot Cut

    Button Fly Amazon.com Jeans Button Fly

2GiveNow Superstore Button Fly

    Classic Cut Amazon.com Jeans Classic Cut

2GiveNow Superstore Classic Fit

    Cropped Amazon.com Jeans Cropped
    Plus Size

2GiveNow Superstore Plus Size

    Relaxed Fit Amazon.com Jeans Relaxed Fit

2GiveNow Superstore Relaxed Fit


alight.com fashions for sizes 14W - 28W

Get the best selection of Plus Size Jeans + Denim at alight.com
    Slim Fit Amazon.com Jeans Slim Fit

2GiveNow Superstore Skinny Fit


2GiveNow Superstore Skinniest Fit

    Stretch Amazon.com Jeans Stretch
    Wide Leg Amazon.com Jeans Wide Leg


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    Business & Dress Amazon.com Business & Dress
    Athletic Amazon.com Athletic


Great Deals & Prices on UFO Clothing at beWild.com
    Corduroys Amazon.com Corduroys
    Cropped Amazon.com Cropped
    Jeans Amazon.com Jeans

Shop Sheplers Western Wear

Buy Levi's and Wrangler at Sheplers!
    Khakis & Twill Amazon.com Khakis & Twill
    Knits & Elastic Waist Amazon.com Knits & Elastic Waist
    Overalls Amazon.com Overalls
    Stretch Amazon.com Stretch
    Sweatpants Amazon.com Sweatpants


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    Athletic & Outdoor Amazon.com Athletic & Outdoor
    Boat Shoes & Moccasins Amazon.com Boat Shoes & Moccasins
    Boots Amazon.com Boots

Free Shipping on BootBay.com

Shop Sheplers Western Wear

Buy Justin Boots at Sheplers Western Wear
    Clogs Amazon.com Clogs
    Espadrilles Amazon.com Espadrilles
    Fashion Sneakers Amazon.com Fashion Sneakers
    Flats & Loafers Amazon.com Flats & Loafers
    Oxfords & Lace-Ups Amazon.com Oxfords & Lace-Ups
    Pumps Amazon.com Pumps
    Sandals Amazon.com Sandals
    Shoetrees Amazon.com Shoetrees
    Slides & Mules Amazon.com Slides & Mules
    Slingbacks Amazon.com Slingbacks
    Slippers & House Shoes Amazon.com Slippers & House Shoes
    Wedding Amazon.com Wedding
      Free Shipping on Bridal Shoes at Shoebuy.com!


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    Above-the-Knee Amazon.com Above-the-Knee
    Athletic & Active Amazon.com Athletic & Active


UFO Shorts from BeWild.com
    Culottes Amazon.com Culottes
    Cutoffs Amazon.com Cutoffs
    Denim Amazon.com Denim
    Knits & Elastic Waist Amazon.com Knits & Elastic Waist
    Plain Front Amazon.com Plain Front
    Pleated Amazon.com Pleated
    Short to Midthigh Amazon.com Short to Midthigh
    Skorts Amazon.com Skorts


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    Business Amazon.com Business
    Casual Amazon.com Casual
    Evening Amazon.com Evening
    Knee Length Amazon.com Knee Length
    Long Amazon.com Long
    Midcalf Amazon.com Midcalf
    Miniskirts Amazon.com Miniskirts
    Wrap Amazon.com Wrap

Sleepwear & Robes

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    Pajama Bottoms Amazon.com Pajama Bottoms
    Pajama Sets Amazon.com Pajama Sets
    Robes Amazon.com Robes
    Sleep Shirts & Nightgowns Amazon.com Sleep Shirts & Nightgowns
    Shower Wraps Amazon.com Shower Wraps

Socks & Hosiery

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    Socks Amazon.com Socks
    Pantyhosetd> Amazon.com Pantyhose
    Tights Amazon.com Tights

Suits & Separates

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    Blazers & Suit Jackets Amazon.com Blazers & Suit Jackets

alight.com fashions for sizes 14W - 28W

Get the best selection of Plus Size Women's Suits at alight.com
    Pantsuits Amazon.com Pantsuits

Women's Pant Suits Womensuits.com
    Skirt & Dress Suits Amazon.com Skirt & Dress Suits

Womensuits.com. The #1 rated website for women's breathtaking church & special occasion suits and dresses.


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    One-Piece Amazon.com One-Piece

alight.com fashions for sizes 14W - 28W

Get the best selection of Plus Size Swimwear at alight.com
    Two-Piece Amazon.com Two-Piece
      Suimsuitsforall.com Two-Piece
    Cover-Ups & Wraps Amazon.com Cover-Ups & Wraps
      Swimsuitsforall.com Plus Sizes


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    Blouses Amazon.com Blouses

alight.com fashions for sizes 14W - 28W

Get the best selection of Plus Size Shirts + Blouses at alight.com
    Button-Down Amazon.com Button-Down
    Polos Amazon.com Polos
    Sleeveless Amazon.com Sleeveless
    T-Shirts Amazon.com T-Shirts

Spreadshirt Designer

Custom T-Shirts - Order Online from Spreadshirt US!
      Shop Zazzle.com for customized t-shirts - Ships in 24 hours
    Turtlenecks Amazon.com Turtlenecks

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